Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Isagenix- The true fat loss cleansing program that works!

hope all is well with you. I wanted to take the time to share with you something I found that I think you would be interested in. I feel I'm doing you an injustice by not sharing it with you.

I know you are a professional business person, professional net worker, or enjoy your job, I know you are dedicated to your profession and you have to be if you want to be successful, you have to stay focused however at the same time you have to remain Green. Green means growth, if you want to grow then stay green. What does all greenery do, it reaches for the sky.

When greenery stops reaching, that means its probably dead and cannot reach anymore. Jimmy Smith aka "Jimmy the Butcher",,is a multimillionaire, successful businessman whom I had the pleasure of talking to over dinner, he's been involved with network marketing since 1989 and many of the companies I'm about to mention, he's either been a part of that business or recruited someone from that business once they seen the compensation plan with his current business, which will be discussed in a few moments and one of the jewels he shared with me Tuesday night is, “when a person know what he knows and knows what he don't know is a sign of true wisdom".

See your average person, once they look at this program want to take off with it immediately however, lots of Personal Trainers and some health professionals really don't want anyone telling them something new about nutrition and weight loss because they figure, they already know about it.

So Jimmy made that statement to me because I'm a Health and Fitness Professional, basically he was saying,put your egos aside, empty your glass, yes you have knowledge and maybe lots of it but guess what, theres even more out there that you haven't discovered yet. Sometimes discovery comes through another person bringing it to you.

No ego here, I hope you set yours aside for a moment aswell, empty your cup, listen, read and investigate what I'm saying, your business will appreciate it so will your clients and patients.

Well I'm contacting all of my friends, clients, students and business associates, whether you have been with Amway, Ameriplan, Pre Paid Legal, Vemma, Mon-a-vie, Juice Plus, Pinnacle, Whole Food Farmacy, NuSkin, ACN (take a deep breath), OK, to let them all know about something that really works.

Im not saying that none of these companies aren't anygood or that they don't have good products because they do have good products, thats why some of them are still around.

Please take the time to finish reading this, if you decide this is of no interest to you, I will not send you anything else (no hard feelings).

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki(author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", said that Network marketing is the business of the future and Jimmy Smith said franchises are the dinosaurs of tomorrow.

Paul Zane Pilzer said, the nutrition business is a billion dollar industry with a 98%failure rate until now. Now we are getting to the meat of things. I wrote this email 10 days ago, why, because I am purposely testing out this program I'm about to share with you.

This program is called, Isagenix, you probably heard of it but have you try it and put it to the test. They claim you will release fat from your body in as little as 9 days. I'm actually testing it right now and I'm on day 5 as I write this letter.

By day 9, if this is not the case and I have not released fat & inches, I will delete this email from my computer and said "oh well, at least I wasn't afraid to try it", and you would have never hear about it from me however, if you are reading this email, that means I released a substantial amount of fat and inches and the program lived up to the claims. Click on the link below to take a closer look at Isagenix.

Click here to see video

Theres a reason Fox, ABC, Health Journal Tv and more did stories on this amazing program. Isagenix has a fat burning/cleansing program unlike anything else on the market.

Its not just a juice, its not just a pill, its not just a capsule or tablet or even a patch, its a complete program that replaces 70 meals a month, reducing your grocery bill immediately and giving your body protein, carbs, vitamins/minerals, and more.

You will not atrophy (lose muscle mass) while cleansing on this program thats why body builders are all over this. I have a CD for you if you're interested and will send it to you. It's specifically for Health & Fitness professionals by Health & Fitness Pros. Your clients and patients will love you even more. You probably already have a pretty good program, well this can make any good program a better program.

Now please don't feel like you're cheating on your business if you are a current net worker by just taking a look, you are just being and entrepreneur, right!. If I was on the receiving end of this, I would take a look too, what do you have to lose(a few minutes), but ask yourself this, if everything I'm saying is true then what do you have to gain.

Listen to the audio clip attached and then shoot me an email letting me know your thoughts, ya or nae, either you like it or you don't and if its the latter, then I will not send any more information or bother you. I hope you can see what I see. This is perfect for health and fitness professionals or anyone wanting to be healthier and actually feel the program working for you with measurable results.

Hope to hear from you soon.


PS: Most companies that profess to have weight loss products do not use these as there flag ship products because they don't work. The results are sporadic. Most of the time, we take products because we know they are good for us because of the great ingredients even though you may not feel anything. My word to you, you will notice big changes in as little as 9 days.

Test it for yourself-don't be scared. A wise man once said to me “I'm the blind man, I want to see”. Test it and see. By the way I'm doing the 30 day cleanse and my results are unheard off. Inches gone, fat gone, no muscle wasting, added lean muscle and I feel energetic, I feel great.

Go to and take a look for yourself.

For you that want to exercise and have a 6 week make over go to my website below and subscribe to it so I can send you out important health and fitness tips and plus get you ready for your 6 week Isagenix make over:

For some great information from the following personal trainers who have experienced tremendous results from the Isagenix program go to:

Shane Freels, Fitness Trainer & Isagenix Cleansing Coach to the Dallas Cowboys

Joel Mosley, Head Trainer for one of the largest gyms in Los Angeles, Professional Boxer & Isagenix Cleansing Coach

Debbie Mosley, Nutritionist and Isagenix Cleansing Coach for one of the largest gyms in Los Angeles

Marty Sharpe, Former Olympic Gymnast, Fitness Trainer and Isagenix Cleansing Coach

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